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Postpartum Depression     The Perfect Gift for the New Mom: Mommy Meditations is aimed at helping mothers adjust to the physical and mental changes that accompany childbirth. Not just for mommies with the "baby blues" but for all new moms who deserve a healthy and happy postpartum life. It was developed with the help of Dr. Kerri S. Parks.

     Dr. Parks has a special connection to Mommy Meditations that extends well beyond her private Obstetrics and Gynecology practice. She is the mother of 4 children and has personally battled with postpartum depression and overcoming the loss of her husband to a fatal car crash just days before the birth of her 4th child. Using meditation she has emerged a happy, successful single parent with 4 healthy and happy children.

     Give this gift of love and support to yourself or the new mom in your life!

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1. A Message from Dr. Kerri S. Parks
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2. Introduction
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3. Preparing for Meditation
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4. Guided Meditation Album Only
5. MOMtras
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6. Personal Meditation Music Album Only

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