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Reviews of Mommy Meditations

"Check out this terrific CD for new mommies. 46 minutes of comfort, guided meditation, and MOMtras for the new mommy. Lets face it, the postpartum period is not all poops and giggles. There’s a lot of rocky transition in there too. Here’s an awesome new product to help you through. Spoken by Dr. Kerri Parks an OBGYN and a Mommy who 'has personally battled with postpartum depression and overcoming the loss of her husband to a fatal crash just days before the birth of her 4th child.' Take this time for yourself, you deserve it!"
-Shannon Noel, Lullabies for Mommy

Reviews of Mommy Meditations

"...The Guided Meditation track is amazing. I don't think that I have personally felt that relaxed before. This is the first time that I have ever meditated and I don't know why I never did it before. Dr. Kerri Parks has such a nice soothing voice. Also the 14 minutes the track runs did not seem that long at all. When she said we were over with the guided meditation I was amazed because it only felt like a few moments. I will be doing this part every single day, I really think it will make me feel like a much calmer person. I think my son Hunter will appreciate that a lot since I have been snapping at him a lot lately, because he's acting how he is supposed to at almost 3 years old..."

Mommy Meditations is an amazing, inspirational joy for new mothers. Every mom should have this cd! It's beautiful, fun and it works.
-Sarah Segura

Great CD for mothers to be, new mommies and all mommies. Dr. Parks understands the emotional roller-coaster new mothers feel. Her voice is clear and soothing with gentle music in the the background. The MOMtras are especially helpful in transforming you into a calm loving mommy.
-Gina Ray

I gave this CD to a friend who just had her second baby. She absolutely loved it, and wished she had it when she had her first baby. It helps her deal with the stress of everyday life with 2 children. She said Dr Parks' voice is very relaxing and calming.The meditation and affirmations make her a better mother and a better more relaxed wife. I will buy this CD for all my friends who have babies. This CD will make a great gift for a baby shower.
-Sally Bailey

Mommy Meditations Reviews

Smart, Calming, and Refreshing. These are the 3 words I would use to describe my experience with this product. I felt Dr. Kerri Parks really connected to what I was going through and gave smart, helpful solutions in dealing with my distress. Going through "baby blues" can feel very alone and out of control. I searched for something that would be "real" give insight; Mommy Meditations served as the perfect fit. This product also has some wonderful meditative music that makes you feel relaxed. These meditations can be used far after the "baby blues." is gone.
-Tiffany Baumbach

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