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About Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression

New Motherhood: Unexpected Transitions

     There are over 4 million new mothers in the United States every year -- nearly 12,000 new mothers per day. These new mothers are undoubtedly prepared for the upcoming joys of motherhood, but few are prepared for the intense periods of distressing feelings that can suddenly appear up to a year after birth.

    New mothers are expected to experience overwhelming love, joy, and happiness when their baby arrives, and generally this is the case. However, childbirth puts an enormous amount of stress on new mothers, and roughly 80 percent of new moms also experience negative feelings including:

  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Anger
  • Emptiness
  • Insomnia, and
  • Anxiety

Postpartum Depression—Physical & Emotional Anguish 
    After birth, a woman's hormone levels drop suddenly and dramatically. This period is often accompanied by what seem to be unexplainable bouts of intense anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, and panic. Then there is the fatigue associated with sleepless nights taking care of baby, and common experiences of pain. Surprisingly, there are few options of support when women face the sudden onset of physical and mental anguish. Often, the focus of family, friends, and especially the new moms themselves, is entirely on the baby, ultimately leaving the mother unsupported as she suffers distressing emotional symptoms. Plus, while therapy and medication have proven helpful to new mothers, most women do not seek out professional assistance for what is often downplayed as the "baby blues."

    But there is hope. Mommy Meditations is unique in that it is designed to finally bring attention back to the mother's well-being, empowering her with the tools to help overcome her unique challenges. This innovative system teaches techniques to make positive changes that can help a mother ease her mental and physical distress and allow her to be a healthier, happier and more effective mommy.

Meditation for Mothers: the powers of relaxation

     Studies have shown that meditation is a powerful tool for reducing stress and boosting mood, as well as easing chronic pain and improving the immune system. Through Mommy Meditations' targeted meditation system, women will have a better chance of maintaining their emotional balance and fully appreciating the joys of motherhood.

Earlier Recognition of Postpartum Depression

     It's also important to note that 1 in 8 women suffer clinical mood disorders following birth, like postpartum depression, and often don't recognize their symptoms. This meditation system can help new mothers tune into their bodies and minds, beginning the postpartum coping and recovery processes. This may lead to earlier recognition of their bodies' warning signs, giving them the chance to get further help. Plus, Mommy Meditations can easily be coupled with therapy, medication, or any other treatment helpful to new moms.

     Using this system will be a rare chance in a new mother's busy day to decompress, devote some attention to herself, and reconnect with her mind and body.

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“Meditation here may think down hours to moments. Here the heart may give a useful lesson to the head and learning wiser grow without his books.”

- William Cowper

Benefits of Meditation

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

- Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta
(563-483 B.C.)

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